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e-Research Capabilities
Santana Communications International is a full service provider of web-based interviewing (research) handling all aspects of your research needs from initial concept through final analysis and reporting.
Following are the specific areas of Santana's expertise and involvement:
List Acquisition
Deployment of Invitations
Survey Writing
Translation Services
Survey Development
Survey Hosting & Data Gathering
Data Analysis & Reporting

List Acquisition
Santana has an opt-in database of global design engineering professionals that is available for rent for research purposes. Additionally, we have numerous list sources that enable us to provide interviewees in essentially any B-2-B market segment on a global basis.

Deployment of Invitations
Using Santana's powerful email delivery software, which runs on “our own” dedicated email server, we are capable of delivering email invitations to potential survey participants including the following advanced features:
Text messaging, HTML invitations or both simultaneously
Multi-lingual invitations
Personalized invitations
Productivity reporting - “Click Counting” and  "Read Ratio"

Participants may also be invited through:

An embedded URL in your website and/or 3rd party websites
A Pop-up window on your website and/or 3rd party websites

Survey Writing
Effective survey writing and survey development (see below) can not be isolated from each other, but must be considered together, as the tools and techniques available for your survey's development and delivery must be taken into consideration when structuring and writing your survey.
Working in conjunction with your own staff, we will assign “subject matter expert(s)” to write an effective survey for you.

Translation Services
If you choose to field your survey in “local language”, we have technical translators on location in all major markets that provide cost effective, high quality technical translation services.

Survey Development
Using Santana's powerful market analysis software, we offer two levels of capability
SWi  - For general market web-based interviewing (Research)
SCBC - For Choice-Based Conjoint

SWi (Santana Web-based Interview)
Santana's standard web-based interviewing process can include any combination of the standard capabilities you'd expect in web-based interviewing:

Radio button
Numeric box
Drop-down (combo) box

Additionally, we offer a number of “optional” advanced interviewing functionality to our standard web-based interviewing:

Grid questions
Ranking questions
Constant-sum questions
Skip patterns
Free-format questions (Custom HTML, JavaScript, etc.)
Multi-lingual support
SWi allows control over page layout, color schemes, background images, font size and style, and language settings.  We support HTML tags and JavaScript, allowing you to add graphics, video clips, sound files, pop-up help boxes, custom answer verification and other powerful customizable elements.

SCBC (Santana Choice-Based Conjoint)

Choice-Based Conjoint (CBC) is used for discrete choice modeling, a research technique that has grown in popularity in recent years. The choice-based task that the interviewee experiences is similar to what buyers actually do in the marketplace. Choosing a preferred product from a group of products is a simple and natural task that everyone can understand. CBC is typically used in pricing models. Multi-lingual SCBC is an additional option to our clients.

Survey Hosting & Data Gathering

All Santana's web-based research, whether it be SWi, SCBC or a combination of both is hosted on one of our own dedicated servers.  Clients have access to these optional advanced features.
Password control - Allows our clients to restrict access to specified interviewees and/or limits the number       of times an individual may take the survey
Online data management - Allows our client to view survey results online in real time.

The same powerful market analysis software we use to develop and host your survey is also used for data gathering, download and export to Excel™-friendly .CSV files.

Data Analysis & Reporting

Using the same subject matter expert(s) assigned for your survey writing, Santana will supply a complete analysis of the “raw data” gathered and provide you with a complete professionally prepared final Report.

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