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The Internet is a highly effective and cost efficient media for communicating to target audiences.  Recognizing
this, Santana Communications International has created a "Suite of Internet Products" that enable marketers
to target the global electronic design engineering community.

All Santana's Internet products are customized to meet your requirements and are fully developed and supported
by Santana Communications International.

Santana Internet Products include:

Registered Global e-Database of  Design Engineering Professionals

e-Product Marketing Campaigns

News Letters
Product Announcements
Seminar Announcement & Registration

e-Research Capabilities

Advertising Concept Testing
Awareness, Attitude and Usage Studies
Branding Studies
Customer and Employee Satisfaction
New Product Concept Testing
Market Profiling Research
Segmentation Analysis

e-Panel Development



Live with Archive
All the Other Goodies

Language Specific Content

Translation, Production and Delivery
Available on all Santana Internet Products

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For more information or a price quote contact: go-online@santana-communications.com

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